Saturday, May 31, 2014

Whimsy at ICON

Ken Dubin, Bird, 1979, acrylic paint, paper

Gyan Shrosbree, Bling, 2012, acrylic, jewels, push-pins, and glitter canvas, 36 x 66 inches

Lee Emma Running, Botanical Life, 2014, hand-cut custom printed fabric

Jim Shrosbree, Ambo (mondo), 2012, paint, wire, and wood on canvas, 9.5 x 12 inches

Judy Bales, detail from Recurrences, 2014, recycled plastics and mixed media

Benjamin Gardner, Black Soil, 2012, paint on masonite, 40 x 30 inches

Here's a detail view of one of my own pieces, End Sheet.

Dennis Kowalski, Tri-color, 2007, grocery store fasteners, 13 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Robert Hoerlein, Untitled (Spectacle #1), 2014, acrylic on fabric, wire, wood, and plastic

Mary Laube, from left to right, At the Edge of the Shadow, 2014, micaceous iron oxide on Phototex, 69 x 17.25 inches; Untitled (Red and Pink Floorpiece), 2012, ceramic; It was 1970, 2013, acrylic on wood, 6 x 6 x 4 inches   

Installation of work by Ken Dubin

Amber O'Harrow, Nursery III, 2010, Electro-appliqued copper on copper wire and nylon, wool, found object

The work included in Whimsy: Play, Quirk and a Tongue-in-Cheek Aesthetic, shares a like-minded sensibility in that the work seems to exist first and foremost to explore or reference the nature of play and playfulness, of quirk and a quirkiness, that refers either directly to the work itself or makes reference to events and ideas outside the work.

MAY 2 - JULY 12, 2014     12-5, TU-FRI  •  1-4, SAT & by appointment     (641) 469-6252

Friday, May 23, 2014

Tom Thayer

The Wind Harp, 2014
acrylic, ink, tempera, pigments, glue, graphite, crayon, string, felt and cardboard on canvas
75.75 x 74.25 x 2 inches

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Elisabeth Kley

Large Red & Gold Three Part Bottle Study
pencil & watercolor on paper
50" x 38"

Red Lotus Flower Sun Study
pencil & watercolor on paper
38" x 50"

Large Black & White Three Part Bottle Study with Paisley Form
pencil & ink on paper
46" x 35"

Large Round Lime & Red Lotus Bottle Study
pencil & watercolor on paper
50" x 38"

These drawings by Elisabeth Kley were meant as studies for her pottery, but they have an opulence that I find very appealing. Its interesting how the designs for the decoration of her bottles are schematized and flattened out on the paper. These 2d works offer insight into her process and serve as a great counterpoint to the 3d pieces. To see more, go over to the companion site of the Bread:  Postmodern Toaster.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Whimsy at Iowa Contemporary Art

The Whimsy show at ICON is an exhibition that my own work has been included in recently. Very excited to be a part of this wonderfully quirky group of artists. Photos will be forthcoming in a future post.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge at George Lawson Gallery

Chris Martin, Untitled, 2009
oil, spray paint, gel medium, glue and collage on canvas
31 x 26 inches

Saira McLaren, In Recline, 2013
acrylic dye and gold dust on raw linen
34 x 40 inches

BROOKLYN BRIDGE, curated by Justine Frischmann

        June 7 -  July 12, 2014

Artists Include:

Andrea Belag
Katherine Bradford
Farrell Brickhouse
Sharon Butler
Clare Grill
Clinton King
Chris Martin
Saira McLaren
Paul DeMuro
Mike Olin
Paul Pagk
Jason Stopa
Julie Torres
Wendy White

315 Potrero Avenue 
San Francisco, CA 94103