Thursday, August 13, 2009

Suzan Frecon: Pigment’s Poet

Red Euclid, 2006, watercolor on paper

Viewing the work of Suzan Frecon can be a challenge. Seeing her paintings is enlightenment. Suzan Frecon is a painter who often works with raw pigments, exploring their characteristics and applying them with sensitivity and sincerity. She’s been on a long and steady path of progression and her compositions are the result of looking, thinking, working—and more working. Whether painting on canvas with oil or on old Indian ledger paper with watercolor, Frecon strikes a balance between her influences and her own intuition. Suzan Frecon is a “painter’s painter”.

Composition, blue strokes on red, 2005
watercolor on old Indian ledger paper, 9” x 12 ¾”

Images courtesy the artist and David Zwirner, New York