Friday, February 28, 2014

Lauren Luloff at The Hole with Amanda Friedman in Conversation

By Amanda Friedman

Amanda Friedman:  Yellow floor = sun floor to me. Sun room? 

Lauren Luloff:  The floor is the window!  All the light is coming in from below. It's like being in a cloud, hovering above earth in the light. I always think of my paintings that way- they are in a cloudy space in the sky. The imagery- whether abstract or figurative is very real to me- very descriptive and full of particularities. But when I imagine the scene in front of me (from the paintings) I always see it far above the ground. The situation exists in a sky-zone.

AF:  Fragments and screens?

LL:  My favorite thing is to see the patterns or drawings through the screens. The scrim enhances what is seen, excites it. The veils are tall and huge although also soft and flimsy. They make you move all around, peer through them and around. They are fun, they pull you in. Like going under the covers.

AF:  Standing in one spot, a diagonal, something mirage like appeared for me. I could see through a painting moving in the air - to another on the wall. There was a house there, I think, a house pictured in the canvas hanging on the wall. And the floor was warm. It felt a world away. And there was smiling. 

LL That's wonderful!

Lauren Luloff:  Pineapples and Teapots closes March 1st.

The Hole, 312 Bowery, New York, NY 10012          212-466-1100        

all photographs by Adam Reich
all images courtesy the artist and The Hole