Sunday, March 9, 2014

Top Fourteen with Randy Wray

Willem de Kooning:  The paint looks as if it is still moving.

Robert Rauschenberg:  He broke boundaries and transformed junk into material poetry.

Philip Guston:  Painterly paintings painted with paint.

Picasso:  The good, the bad and the ugly!

Jasper Johns:  Specificity. Every action has consequences.

Gustave Courbet:  He painted the truth. Beautifully.

Judith Scott:  Her wrapped and layered clumps of string exude such power.

James Ensor:  Freaky and emotive.

Cy Twombly:  I’m transported by his chicken scratch and scribble pictures.

Sterling Ruby:  His ceramics look like bizarre ritual artifacts.

Tal R:  Lots of approaches, but one unique sensibility. Misbehaves in the best ways.

Monsters:  Movie monsters were scary as a child. They now seem like old friends. 

Rocks and minerals:  I collected them as a teenager. Mother Nature’s eccentric abstraction. 

Dogs:  They’re my friends and the inspiration for my recent work.